Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Postdoctoral Training

The department hosts around 90 post-doctoral researchers, who are funded on Principal Investigators’ grants or on Fellowships, and contribute actively to the research and teaching in PDN. PDN postdocs have access to excellent support and training from many University initiatives, of which three key ones are highlighted below:

  • The Graduate School of Biology offers a wide range of training courses all through the year, and most of these are open to postdocs (see Training Opportunities for Postdocs). Courses support both research and transferable skills.

  • The Careers Service has excellent provision for guiding postdoctoral careers, with specialist career advisers for different disciplines. The careers service for Life Sciences postdocs provides a wide variety of career-oriented activities, from 1-to-1 interview training to conferences on a range of professional careers.

  • The postdocs have also their own Society, the Postdocs Of Cambridge (PdOC), which offers practical information and opportunities to socialise with other postdocs. The aim of the Society is to represent all postdocs and to facilitate communication and networking within the postdoc community and with the University.

In addition to these University initiatives, the PDN postdocs are actively represented within the department by postdoctoral representatives and a staff postdoctoral liaison officer. These representatives facilitate the organisation of events to give PDN postdocs the opportunity to present their research, to address specific training needs and to strengthen their interactions with their colleagues. An annual PDN postdoctoral Symposium has been running since 2010, and an exciting new workshop series will start in 2013, the Masterclasses & Techniques Colloquia. More details can be found here.